Slater Diederich Tree Care LLC

Slater Diederich Tree Care LLC was founded by Slater Diederich, a young entrepreneur armed with the knowledge of the tree industry. While working for a nationally accredited tree service, Slater received training on the standards and practices of professional tree care. When his employer closed down and moved due to personal reasons, Slater attained employment in a construction related field. However, his heart was still in the arboricultural profession. When construction work became thin, Slater went out on a limb and started Slater Diederich Tree Care LLC. Considered a young leader in the trade, Slater Diederich has the training and education to provide safe, honest services.

As an ISA Certified Arborist, Certified Tree Care Safety Professional, Chipper Operator Specialist, and a continuous member of multiple corresponding affiliations Slater Diederich is able to offer professional tree services by continuously taking advantage of all the educational opportunities offered by our trade associations and different institutions, “I can confidently say I have separated myself from the common tree service owner.”

-Slater Diederich