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The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive, wood boring metallic green colored beetle native to Asia. Its larva kills Ash trees by feeding on tissues under the bark where we cannot see. This feeding disrupts the trees natural ability to move water and nutrients throughout the trees vascular system. This disruption starves the tree and it eventually dies.

Based on current research, EAB treatments are suggested for trees located within a quarantined area. EAB insecticide treatments are not necessary for Ash trees located outside of these areas. Due to the expense of treatments, consider the value of a particular Ash tree in relation to insecticide treatment costs before making any treatments. Consult with our Certified Arborist to assist you when making decisions regarding treatment.

Dormant Season Pruning

Pruning during the dormant season, i.e. winter, greatly reduces the likelihood of spreading tree diseases such as Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm Disease as well as minimizing pruning stress on trees. Insects and diseases that could attack an open wound on a pruned tree are not active during the winter months, therefore pruning in Wisconsin during the winter is your best choice.

As well as reduced stress and risk of disease, pruning during the winter months allows broken, cracked, or hanging limbs to be easily seen without leaves being present.